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A short story of “Internet Master” from his hard days to better one and appearing as Shining Star!
A short story of “Internet Master” from his hard days to better one and appearing as Shining Star!
My_Story Published 3 years ago Posted By: Faheem Ali
Yes, it is true that one can change his/her path from the difficult days to good ones.

Today, I’m going to tell u a short but very impressive and full of efforts story of a man who was living a very tough life and then how he changed that days to good days with little but concrete efforts.

Let’s narrate his story in his own words;
Yes, I was passing through very difficult phase of my life. I had nothing to start my own business and, on the other hand, it was/is difficult to get job without paying kickoffs or political support in our country. Sorry, but It is really very painful to just remember these past days.

Before rushing to main story, let me tell you one thing I had nothing else then my love to operate computer and browse internet on day basis and in fact, it is the only reason of my success.  

One day, I suddenly came across to different ways of earning on internet and all that without investment. Firstly, it filled me with a stream of joy and secondly, there arose a hope of ending off my all worries. But with little more search and readings my all these hopes came to end.  

At first, I thought how it is possible to earn $$ without investment? And how I will get paid in Pakistan? Further, I was pretty sure it was really difficult to earn $$ without investment and if I really successful in earning something then they will not pay me back.

In short, every idea was against the start of that work but finally one thing came in my mind that I had nothing to do on everyday basis and I used to spend my 2 to 5 hours on daily basis on facebook. Therefore, I decided why I shouldn’t give one try to a work that at least giving me a hope that I can earn some money and my suffering will come to end by paying facebook as opportunity cost.
It was the movement that really changed my life from empty packet to PKR 30,000-90,000 a month in a hilal way and Alhmdullah today, I’m earning sufficient amount of money from internet on monthly basis.

When I discussed this method with my friends they said, yar it is fake don’t waste your time, energy and money on these false claims. I said them, we are already wasting our time while sitting on facebook, doing comments on posts and liking others pictures, posts and comments then why should not we give a try to this work? They said, yar stay away from us and you are welcome to waste your efforts on these spam things. Today, they are saying, yar you were right and please train us for that method.  

From next day, I had started searching on internet for different ways to earn money online free at home and I came across to dozens of ways and I started sorting out them. Finally, I had created a list of things that I will have to try in order to check out their potential and legitimacy.

After doing many experiments, i came on conclusion that most of the methods listed on internet were wrong and there were only few right and legit things that one can use to start earning in a halal way.  

Thanks to Almighty, today I’m earning sufficient amount in PKR from these legit ways to earning ….

In the next part I will tell you, what he did and how he reached to sufficient and stable monthly earnings of around PKR, 30,000 to 90,000.  
Please let us know your response to above story by posting your comments.
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